• Mission

Holidays are the most personal experiences one can have. Ajwaad wants to honor those special moments that are waiting to be created, by offering you tailor-made holidays and tours in and out of KSA. We are the go-to travel agency for one-of-a-kind adventure and innovative activities crafted with attention to the smallest details so that you and your family can share memories of a lifetime.
Moving towards the Saudi vision 2030, Ajwaad strives to bring to light KSA's rich cultural heritage and its world renowned hospitality, and introduce locals and visitors to the wonders of our nature through adventure set in breathtaking landscapes and virgin deserts. 

• Vision

We work tirelessly to be at the forefront of KSA's Tourism Industry. Ajwaad strives to provide dream-worthy discoveries, adventures, entertainment and unforgettable holidays in and out of KSA.

• Innovation

Innovative tour design, eco-heritage tourism and outdoor adventures are our forte. By innovating we keep on evolving, offering our clients new escapes and travel gems. 

• Quality

Now that we set the bar high in travel and tourism, we allow nothing less than best quality service to our clients. 

• Passion for Travel

The passion for travel is our raison d'etre. We are delighted to share our love for discovery with travel enthusiasts in the Kingdom and beyond. 

• Social Responsibility

We are a company that respects the planet we live in. We believe in clean, safe and eco-friendly tours. Join us to make KSA a better place for everyone!

• Integrity

For over 30 years we have been providing impeccable service to thousands of satisfied customers who put their trust in Ajwaad, an establishment of Abdul Aziz Al Othaim & Sons Holding Company (ASO & Sons)  

To be at the forefront of Tourism Industry development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To reach maximum levels of our clients satisfaction with innovative tours, adventure, entertainment and lifestyle.

We at AJWAAD adopt an ambitious vision to bring one-of-a-kind adventure which will create lasting memories for you and your family. Our deep belief in innovation and creative activities are what we want to deliver to bring happiness and joy for the residents of Saudi Arabia and the rest of World.

Our rich cultural heritage and hospitality, our idea of urban Arabic lifestyle and adventure activities, breath-taking landscapes and amazing deserts will be our focus to actualize the goals of the Saudi vision 2030 into the tourism sector.